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               Turkish Straits Agency is proudly celebrating 14 years of steamship agency excellence in 2017. From our humble beginnings in Providence, Tuzla in 2003, to becoming the largest independent steamship agency in Tuzla, Turkish Straits Agency could not have achieved this without the support of our loyal and valued clients, our superb vendors and our dedicated employees who continually strive to give their best each and every day. To all those who have contributed to our success, you have our sincere gratitude.

                  Turkish Straits Agency’s growth over the past 78 years has been fueled by the vision of its owners. Our original founder, Mr Atilla, had already expanded and successfully established additional offices in Tuzla, Izmit bay, Yalova and Turkish Straits, Maine by the time he passed away in 2000. When Mr Atilla acquired ownership in 2003, what followed was an earnest effort to build Tuzla into a national shipping agency, beginning with the 2006 opening of Izmit bay.

Turkish Straits Agency provides a wide array of services to our Customer’s. Our expertise in the business can help get your vessel in and out of port’s as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to save them as much money as possible. Below or some of the services Shipping agency Turkey offer but are not limited to

  • Charterer’s Agent’s
  • Owner’s Agent’s
  • Tug & Barge’s
  • Offshore Drill Rigs
  • Cargo Documentation
  • Bill’s of Lading’s
  • Custom’s entrance and clearance’s
  • Arranging transportation and launch services
  • Crew changes
  • Cash to Master’s
  • Garbage removal

Turkish Straits Agency is dedicated to providing quality services to the shipping industry through specialized, individualized attention utilizing its vast experience, technology and resources in the international maritime industry.

For Tuzla shipyards, Turkish Straits, Izmit Bay Ports, Yalova shipyards ship agent Turkey will offer best profoma to you

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